The Avengers #P062 Cross Stitch Pattern

This is a digital complete counted cross stitch pattern in pdf format, The Avengers 062

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Each PDF file can be printed on A4 paper or viewed on the screen.

The PDF includes:

1 x Cover page with the main image;

1 x Thread color chart with colors, keys, thread length, etc.;

1 x Pattern scheme with Black and White symbols;

1 x Pattern scheme with Color symbols;

1 x Pattern scheme with Color blocks;

1 x Pattern scheme with Color blocks with symbols;

1 x Pattern scheme with Color crosses;

1 x Useful information page.

Look at the images to see how pdf patterns look like. You can use it with any colors and types of AIDA fabric.

Counted pattern specification:

Palette: DMC. Colors: 15. Size: 112 x 107 stitches.

Here are some calculations for possible AIDA’s sizes:

14 count Size: 15.56 x 14.87 cm | 6.12 x 5.85 inches

16 count Size: 17.78 x 16.99 cm | 7.00 x 6.69 inches

18 count Size: 20.00 x 19.11 cm | 7.88 x 7.53 inches

22 count Size: 24.45 x 23.36 cm | 9.62 x 9.20 inches

28 count Size: 31.12 x 29.73 cm | 12.25 x 11.71 inches

32 count Size: 35.56 x 33.98 cm | 14.00 x 13.38 inches

The pattern is licensed for personal use only, not for commercial use.The pattern may not be shared, copied, resold, relicensed, sub-licensed, rented, leased, or used in advertising. The pattern is provided 'as is'.

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Reviews (23)

Sarah Fr***e

Sarah Fr***e

Jessica Wil***n
This stitches up very nice! The pattern is a little hard to read in spots & there are a ton of fractional stitches, but it looks awesome when it’s done!

Sara Per***t
Pattern is easy to read, love this pattern

anne be***s
Love the patterns i bought - 4 of them - but disappointed to find there wasn't an inclusion of the entire pattern on one page. I find it confusing working with 4 separate pages only.