Villains #P020 Cross Stitch Pattern

This is a digital complete counted cross stitch pattern in pdf format, Villains 020

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Each PDF file can be printed on A4 paper or viewed on the screen.

The PDF includes:

1 x Cover page with the main image;

1 x Thread color chart with colors, keys, thread length, etc.;

1 x Pattern scheme with Black and White symbols;

1 x Pattern scheme with Color symbols;

1 x Pattern scheme with Color blocks;

1 x Pattern scheme with Color blocks with symbols;

1 x Pattern scheme with Color crosses;

1 x Useful information page.

Look at the images to see how pdf patterns look like. You can use it with any colors and types of AIDA fabric.

Counted pattern specification:

Palette: DMC. Colors: 15. Size: 108 x 112 stitches.

Here are some calculations for possible AIDA’s sizes:

14 count Size: 15.00 x 15.56 cm | 5.91 x 6.12 inches

16 count Size: 17.14 x 17.78 cm | 6.75 x 7.00 inches

18 count Size: 19.28 x 20.00 cm | 7.59 x 7.88 inches

22 count Size: 23.57 x 24.45 cm | 9.28 x 9.62 inches

28 count Size: 30.00 x 31.12 cm | 11.81 x 12.25 inches

32 count Size: 34.28 x 35.56 cm | 13.50 x 14.00 inches

The pattern is licensed for personal use only, not for commercial use.The pattern may not be shared, copied, resold, relicensed, sub-licensed, rented, leased, or used in advertising. The pattern is provided 'as is'.

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Reviews (12)

Goretti Ai***s

Melanie Holow***k
Love it!

Allison St***p
Super easy to follow and a ton of options to use for a pattern! I will buy again!!

Carole Ste***e

Ayesha Hun***n
Good pattern, they give you many different versions of the pattern (symbols, colours, colours and symbols, black and white etc.) so you can use the type you prefer. My only complaints are that the pattern doesn't have the overlap that many other sellers use (2-3 lines from the previous page) so it's a bit confusing when you move from one page to the next. The grid also doesn't have bolder lines on the 10th line, so while it's gridded there isn't much point in you doing your own 10x10 grid on your fabric because the pattern itself doesn't have that point of reference. The design is lovely the actual format of the pattern could definitely be easier to read though.